Mazafati Dates




Mazafati dates or Khajoor are one of the ancient cultivated fruits in Iran. Some of the famous types of dates from Iran are Kharg Date, Piarom Dates, Mazafati Dates and all of them vary in term of sugar content.
Color of Mazafati dates or Khajoor is either bright yellow or red before being it ripes and while getting ripe, its color changes to yellowish brown. Mazafati Khajoor or Dates can be used in both fresh and dried shape. Fresh Mazafati Khajoor or dates are soft and dried ones that are stiff and have less moisture in it. Dried ones have more content of carbohydrates, calcium and iron than fresh dates, although fresh dates have the higher amount of vitamin C in them
As per some of the famous health professionals eating one date per day is necessary for good health.


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